We believe anything worth doing is worth doing right, and anything worth experiencing is worth experiencing to its fullest.

Enter Asheville Proper, a live-fire dining experience where traditional service and modern comforts are taken to new heights. The vision of Chef Owen McGlynn, alongside wife and partner Mindi McGlynn, Asheville Proper prepares locally-sourced food over a custom hardwood-fueled grill where wood crackles and sparks fly through smoke.

Porterhouse steaks, double-cut pork chops, flat irons, New York strips, and plates of charred and smoked dishes: Owen and Mindi’s embrace of the burning hearth has created a closer connection with the food. Our chefs are always carefully stoking embers to produce just the right smoke and heat for the dish at hand. A reverence for locally-sourced food is at the heart of our passion. Those carefully selected ingredients, all from best-in-class farmers, ranchers, and artisans, will always be prepared with constant care and attention over our custom grill, enveloping all in its warm and welcoming glow.

Located within the historic Grove Arcade at the epicenter of downtown, Asheville Proper¬†affirms the idea that dining should always be a feast for the senses, and that sensory delight starts with our preserved landmark location. This is the classic American steakhouse, reinterpreted for a new century: Original Art Deco ornaments have been beautifully restored and brought into focus again. Marble flooring, alabaster walls, and organic wooden elements create a sumptuous space for dining or enjoying a refreshing cocktail. And an eclectic mix of 1920s-inspired lighting gently illuminates and warms our dining room. Asheville Proper offers relaxed luxury, culinary pleasures without pretension, refined yet accessible for all. Anything less just wouldn’t be proper.