Cocktail Menu


Sample Menu – Subject to Change Nightly




Classic Manhattan     $13
rye, maraschino, vermouth

Papa Doble    $13
white rum, lime, grapefruit, marachino

Pink Panther     $12
vodka, amaretto, pineapple, cherry

Rum Negroni     $12
campari, sweet vermouth, Kirk & Sweeney

Paper Plane     $13
bourbon, lemon, aperol, amaro

Old Fashioned    $13
bourbon, bitters, orange

Caipirinha    $12
cachaca, lime, sugar

Bee’s Knees    $12
gin, local honey, lemon

French 75    $12
gin, lemon, champagne

Up In Smoke    $13
bourbon, smoked simple, strawberry, lemon

Secret Garden    $13
gin, st. germain, lime, hibiscus infusion

Buenos Noches    $13
mezcal, blueberry syrup, basil, lime

Signature Espresso Martini    $13
espresso, vodka, Kahlua

Tableside Martini Service    $16 PP
belvedere, vermouth, olive or twist



(16 oz) Edmunds Oast Pilsner    $8

Pisgah Pale Ale    $7

Burial Blade & Sheath Saison    $7

Bold Rock Apple    $6

Sierra Nevada Sunny Little Thing    $7

Burial Surfwax IPA    $7

(16 oz) Edmunds Oast Strawberry Rhubarb Sour  $9

Catawba White Zombie    $7

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA    $7




Proper Grapefruit Soda    $8
grapefruit, soda, sugared rim

To A Tea    $9
hibiscus, green tea, local honey

Strawberry Sunset    $10
strawberry shrub, basil, lemon

Blueberry Bash    $10
lavender syrup, smashed blueberry, lemon zest